Step 1: Create Book Layout Template for Chapters and Stories
Step 2: Include Forward
Step 3: Write End of Book stuff (thanks, appendix, etc.)
Step 4: Write Beginning of Book stuff (copyright, legal info, title page, etc)
Step 5: Write Introduction & Table of Contents
Step 6: Put it all together, Create Edit File, Send to Test Readers
Step 7: Receive Edits, Update Manuscript, Include Bonus Stories
Step 8: Finalize Book - final sweep
Step 9: Print & Ship

Note that Steps 6 and 7 have changed. There will be no "test print" copies for editing, because the print on demand service I intended to use for that sucks. I was going to use LuLu.com to do a few quick test prints for editing, but they now have a 5 - 8 day turnaround before they even ship printed books, and that won't work (obviously). So, I've created a commentable / note supported file and sent it to the test readers.

We'll see how it works out.