Step 1: Create Book Layout Template for Chapters and Stories
Step 2: Include Forward
Step 3: Write End of Book stuff (thanks, appendix, etc.)
Step 4: Write Beginning of Book stuff (copyright, legal info, title page, etc)
Step 5: Write Introduction & Table of Contents
Step 6: Put it all together, Print Test Copies
Step 7: Mail Test Copies to Test Readers
Step 8: Receive Test Copies, Make Edits, Include Bonus Stories
Step 9: Finalize Book - final sweep
Step 10: Print & Ship

I started Friday about 8 PM. I stopped about 5 AM this morning (Monday). I am tired.

Very, very tired.

But hey, it's done. Done done done. All I gotta do is print out my test copy, do a rough edit, and then ship it off to get the "White Cover" editions made for the VERY VERY VERY kind people who stepped up in the absence of my editor to cover my ass on the editing.

Things are coming along. This is scary and exciting.