God... How embarassing.

ME!!! Mister "10 years of web development experience," Mister "I've been writing a book on the internet for three years now"... How could I let my domain names expire???

Well, I was counting on the Godaddy Auto-Renew feature to kick in, okay? I didn't realize that the old credit card had expired!!! Yes, I feel like a retard, but hey - it's fixed now, so... You know... We can all put this behind us, right?


...Shut up.

Anyway, just so everyone knows: NO, I'm not packing up like a gypsy carnival and running away with the money from the book preorders. It was just a minor oversight. Your book will arrive to your snail mail inbox in the appropriate timeframe.

I am TERRIBLY sorry for any panic I may have caused some people. Please forgive me.