Step 1: Create Book Layout Template for Chapters and Stories
Step 2: Include Forward
Step 3: Write End of Book stuff (thanks, appendix, etc.)
Step 4: Write Beginning of Book stuff (copyright, legal info, title page, etc)
Step 5: Write Introduction & Table of Contents
Step 6: Put it all together, Print Test Copies
Step 7: Mail Test Copies to Test Readers
Step 8: Receive Test Copies, Make Edits, Include Bonus Stories
Step 9: Finalize Book - final sweep
Step 10: Print & Ship

You may notice I took Step 1 off my "done" list. This is because I didn't follow the 2nd piece of advice I gave you all about laying out a book. I've found a much much much better way to do it all, so I'm starting it over. Whee.

But I did get a lot of the beginning crap done. This Is Not Art is now an official company in the eyes of B&N and Amazon, since I got my block o' ISBN's and SAM number.