Step 1: Create Book Layout Template for Chapters and Stories
Step 2: Include Forward
Step 3: Write End of Book stuff (thanks, appendix, etc.)
Step 4: Write Beginning of Book stuff (copyright, legal info, title page, etc)
Step 5: Write Introduction & Table of Contents
Step 6: Put it all together, Print Test Copies
Step 7: Mail Test Copies to Test Readers
Step 8: Receive Test Copies, Make Edits, Include Bonus Stories
Step 9: Finalize Book - final sweep
Step 10: Print & Ship

Above is the 10 step process I have to follow to finish the book and get it out the door. I'll be updating this blog as I finish each step in the process, including whatever notes are included in the process. Fun crap, eh?

I won't be including the website template for MI2 or any of the sales / marketing crap here, mostly because I don't yet know what I'm going to do for all of that. But when I do, you better believe I'll bore the living crap out of you with it!