Oh, the consternation one person can create by taking two things completely out of context, mashing them together, inventing his own take on it, and posting it to the internet...

I refer to the recent nonsense on flickr where some elitist socalite jerkoff from New York with a Flickr account and Adobe Photoshop took something way too far with no research whatsoever.

I'll admit, at first I was a little outraged myself. But after about 2 seconds of fury, I looked at the credits for both captions and noted that one was Associated Press, while the other was AFP (the French equivalent of the AP).

If you read the comments, there are a few others who noticed the same thing. They even went so far as to explain this situation, stating that Yahoo! had nothing to do with the quotes, which completely invalidates the theory that a single media outlet showed bias to the people in the photographs on the basis of race and further explains that two seperate media outlets with (probably) two seperate guidelines for caption writing wrote two seperate captions, all in one observation. It's efficient and true.

Now, the proper response to these posts SHOULD have been "Oh. Good point there, (observer). No story here, move along."

And honestly, 5 years ago, this probably would have been the case. But not today. Today, you have all these ridiculous fuckups who act like seven year olds walking by the announcement microphone in the auditorium in their school's gym and simply cannot resist the opportunity to hear their own voice.

Now I'm not saying this is a horrible thing in and of itself. Once in a while, it's cute and funny and you can't help but shake your head and smirk at the antics of the immature brat. But if you take EVERY kid in EVERY school in the entire world, put them all in the same gymnasium and station microphones every 10 feet, all of a sudden, it's not so cute anymore.

Especially when that very same gymnasium used to be somewhat fun and entertaining to be in.

But not anymore. Now, it seems like EVERY FUCKING SITE ON THE INTERNET is overrun with people who just discovered it yesterday and are super excited by the prospect that they might get a chance to talk to everyone and dazzle them with their wit and candor. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. To them, it's OMG INTERNET! OMG ME! OMG I HAVE COMMENTS! OMG I MAKE BAD JOKES HAHA! LOLROFLOMGWOULDDOBUSINESSWITHAGAIN A++++ FRIEND

Just. Shut. Up.