Wow... She came back.

Usually, after a night of dealing with me, people are about ready to rip their hair out by the follicles and burn me in effigy. But for some reason, the rap star princess has returned.

Post the log, you say? Well! I don't mind if I do!

barrenunmami: hey, do u know what an FTP

barrenunmami: is

joe: yep

joe: why

barrenunmami: cuz my friens is trying to make a website & i was like "I THINK I KNOW THE RIGHT PERSON TO ASK ABOWT IT! HE HAS HIS OWN WEBSITE N ITS PRETTY POPULAR I THINK"

barrenunmami: friends*

barrenunmami: err

barrenunmami: friend*

barrenunmami: u think you can help him on publishin his website

barrenunmami: or w/e

joe: hmm

joe: im not very good at it

joe: i suck

joe: ok, ok, i can help you

barrenunmami: yayy

barrenunmami: !

joe: tell him to open his CMD prompt

joe: He'll need to interface his SMTP with his LOL

barrenunmami: ok

joe: let me know when that's done

barrenunmami: u wanna IM him?

joe: no no

joe: it's better this way

barrenunmami: lol

barrenunmami: ok

joe: does he have powersupply wax?

joe: because this is prob. going to tax his system and send his SYSMON into OMG or WTF status

joe: so he'll need to keep his powersupply waxed

barrenunmami: he uses frontpage

joe: hmm

joe: I don't know about that

joe: backpage is WAY easier to use

joe: because it's WYSIWTF

barrenunmami: hmm

joe: hmm?

barrenunmami: backpage?

barrenunmami: does that really exist?

joe: ... yeah, of course

joe: all the popular and famous webmasters use it

joe: that and hotdog

barrenunmami: i didnt know hotdogs can make websites

joe: hotdog is one of the best HTML editors

joe: by far

joe: http://www.rps.psu.edu/0009/graphics/HotDog.jpg

joe: err, i mean

joe: http://www.sausage.com/

joe: no kidding

joe: they call it that because when you make your first ever blinking spinning email icon, you scream "HOT DOG!"

barrenunmami: * adrian *: hmmm
* adrian *: well see

joe: oh

joe: in that case, he needs to watch out for the google and yahoo spiders.

joe: seriously, the spiders get into your site

joe: I recommend using RAID

barrenunmami: lmao wtf

barrenunmami: wow

barrenunmami: all of this is jibberish to me

joe: oh, i know, it's confusing

joe: you have to be famous to understand it, i think

barrenunmami: lmao omg

barrenunmami: yr stuck on yrself!

joe: yep, it's that fucking superglue

joe: they make it in those metal tubes, you know?

joe: and if you bend it, it forms a crease and a little hole forms on the fold

joe: it's a mess.

barrenunmami: whaat

barrenunmami: in the fllyyyin hell are you talkin abouttt :

joe: even I don't know.