Um... Oops.

Yesterday, a friend of mine IM'ed me a story at CNN (whose link has changed now, the reason for which you will see in just a second) which featured a picture of hundreds of vacationers sleeping in a gym-become-hurricane-shelter in Cancun yesterday.

I didn't quite see what the big deal was, and he didn't really elaborate. Today, another friend emailed me the picture from the article, and I finally get it.

Here's a copy of the article at Yahoo! News. And in case the image gets removed or changed, here's the photo:

(credit - AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

See anything... Interesting going on?

Look again:

(credit - AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, edited by your local Peacock)

Still can't see it?

Try this:

(credit - AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, edited by that joe guy)

Now, this ran on the front page of CNN. From what I could tell, the image I saw when he IM'ed me showed no such activity going on, and he says that it was cropped and blurred by the time he sent me the link. If that's true, it's pretty much a violation of AP policy (and if anyone can find the blurred / cropped version, I'll send you a shirt).

Anyway. I just thought it was interesting, is all. Maybe it'll make a nice Fark photoshop contest or something.