More IM Conversation Logs. Because this is a BLOG. I've already explained why the 2 things belong together, so to find out, go look in my archives. And while you're at it, call a famous movie producer and tell them to read this thing so they can realize my brilliance and offer me $$$ to write Tom's new movie.

This one is more of a One-Act play about the origins of the NASA Deep Impact mission. It stars myself and Angryrobots. The setting is a NASA control center during a dead Thursday night, after the nightly poker game has taken place and the effects of the hash brownies that those guys eat all night have kicked in.

*Raise Curtain*

joe: "Dudes... you know what we should do? We should blow up a comet."

angryrobots: "No shit - We can do that?"

joe: "Fuck yeah, man! We have all this government money and rockets and engines and shit... Let's do it! Let's blow up a fucking comet!"

angryrobots: "YEAH! Fuck...i'm so high right now... Let's go fuck with the aliens in '51! They hate that shit."

joe: "Yeah... You know what else we should do? Send out, like, this satellite with a beatles record playing. Let's do that."

angryrobots: "We've already done that, dude. Voyager, remember?"

joe: "No shit? Wow... Wait. Fuck, I knew that, man! I totally knew that! My dad worked on that... Holy shit, I AM SO BAKED."

*Close Curtain*

*Raise Curtain*

*Joe and Angryrobots Bow*

*Close Curtain Again*

*Raise Curtain Again, Due To Unrelenting, Thunderous Applause Of A Crowd Eager To Display Love And Affection For The Actors And Their One-Act Play*

*Angryrobots Bows. Crowd Goes Crazy.*

*Joe Bows. Crowd Cheers Loudly.*

*Close Curtain Again*