I spent my entire morning and most of my afternoon in the dentist's office, having an abscess drained due to a split root from a root canal a year ago. The crown had to come off, and as the dentist looked at what remained of the tooth, he just sighed and explained that there's no way to save the tooth. He then cleared out the goo that formed in the split root.

Yeah, I know. Eeew.

It also hurt like HELL the past, oh, I dunno. Three months? It's one of those things that you kinda learn to deal with and then you just get used to.

Last night, 2 tornadoes came through our area. One completely demolished a subdivision-in-development not a mile away from my house and continued on to demolish the Atlanta Motor Speedway which sits about 4 miles down the road from me. We were super lucky that we weren't hit.

But somehow, all this crappy crap just doesn't seem to matter in comparason to the bombings in London. I know that every human being with a website / blog and a solid grasp on reality has posted messages condemning the attacks and expressing their condolences for the people of London, and I'm no different. It just plain sucks, and I hope the jackass cowards who pulled this off die horrifically. Perhaps by being ripped apart by a tornado just after having root canals.