I came home to find a massive puddle of water on my kitchen floor.

The center of my kitchen floor.

There was no leading trail of water to follow, not from the sink, not from the dishwasher, and not from the washing machine. This was just a free-floating puddle.

I then noticed a small drip hit the puddle, causing the reflected light to ripple outward. I looked up. The drip came from the kitchen celing.

The center of my kitchen celing.

I went upstairs to the spot above where the leak should have been coming from and found that my carpet was SOAKED. I mean, totally soaked. Gross, squishy soaked. The water spot seemed to be coming from the baseboard on the other side of the bathroom, so I went in there only to find nothing. No water. No leaks. Nothing.

"Oh, SHIT," I thought. "This is a busted pipe in the FLOOR."

That's bad. I dunno if any of you have ever seen or had to deal with a busted pipe in the flooring of an upstairs area, but it's extremely costly to repair.

But that's when I felt another drop. It came from the celing.

And then it dawned on me - the new air conditioning unit is right there.

I went into the attic to find that the overflow pan was chock full of water and it was just running over, spilling into the insulation just to the left of the stairs.

Which led to the carpet just below.

Which led to the kitchen celing.

Which led to the center of the kitchen floor.

What a mess. This sucks. I have a flooded attic, upstairs and kitchen. It's fantastic. It's freakin' AWESOME! I mean, this RULES! God, I've waited all my life for this awesome an event to happen just after getting home from a hard day of work!

Anyway, that was my Monday. How was yours?