I have never in my life swung from "hate" to "love" so quickly as I have with the Wikipedia integration in Trillian Pro.

At first, it was like "GAH! Every other word is underlined in green! What the FUCK??? This sucks. I hate it. Screw Trillian and screw Wikipedia for ever banding together in this manner! This is CRAP!"

And then, I saw that "crap" was underlined in green. So, I moused over it (Mouseovered it?) and got this:
The word "crap" can mean:

*CRAP stands for Carbon Residue and Associated Products. This is a build up of dirt in rifles. Soliders were trained to clean the crap out of their rifles.
*Craps, a game of dice
*Faeces (excrement)
*A generic term for something disgusting, stupid, or of poor quality; ''crappy'' is the more common form when it is used as an adjective
*Scatology and toilet humour
*Thomas Crapper
*Also used as a generic term for stuff or junk.
Did YOU know that CRAP is actually an acryonym? HMM? DID YOU?

Well, I didn't. And now I do, thanks to the Wikipedia integration feature thingy in Trillian. And as you can see, I now ADORE this feature. It's SO easy to overlook the green underlines now that I know that they are actually useful.

(This is my first "blog" entry in a while, so I'm out of practice. Was it "Personal and at the same time UTTERLY IRRELEVANT" enough to pass for blogging?)