I got up at 6:00 AM this morning to get into work and get a bunch of crap knocked out so I can leave early and go finish an MI story. I got out of my house and into my car, cranked it up, starting backing up and felt the unmistakable floppiness that was a flat front right tire.

I went to go change it and the car rolled while the flimsy dispos-a-jack bent and broke, which let the flattened tire (and more importantly, the unbuffered rim) land on the toe of my shoe. LUCKILY it only hit the very tip and just ruined the shoe, but i was trapped. I had to take off my shoe to get away from the wheel, and andrea already left, so i had to ride my bike up to wal-mart to get a jack - and let me tell you, riding home on a bicycle with a jack in your arms is NOT easy.

I finally got the stuff changed and got here an hour and a half later than i intended (since traffic was garbage at that time... I live in suburbia which means School Busses). I went to get to work and boom - spilled tea all over my laptop.

But I had brunch at Denny's with Liz, and that of course made the day a-ok.