Well, the verdict on my bent wheel has come in from the bike shop.

I'll spare you the words and instead just show you what they pointed out to Mike when he brought it in:

For you non-bikers out there... this is bad. I didn't even see it when I yanked the wheel off the bike and handed it to Mike to take up to the shop.

Mike's story:

"I handed it to the shop monkey to throw on the truing stand so they could check it out, then turned around to go look at socks. About 30 seconds later, I heard from the shop in the back this incredibly loud "Oh, My."

So yeah... That's going to hurt the 'ol pocketbook.

Next time... I'm going to just ride right over the damn mutt. It couldn't possibly hurt the bike more than trying to avoid it (and a lot of good THAT did, I still got bit).

Stupid dog.