we grew up together
all the time, i was taller
and all the time, you looked down on me
your gigantic thumb on the back of my neck, holding me down
reminding me of our respective places in life.

i came up and i came out and i made it through, despite your lack of faith
as we walked through the threshold i shot forward
i left you behind
forgot you even existed
my stepping turned into sprinting
i swore to god i would never turn into you
but i'm getting closer to it all the -- NO.



i packed it all up
i dug a hole and i stuffed it all in
i turned my back once again and waved casually over my left shoulder and i didn't even care if you saw it or not

days melted away, ground away, lumbered slowly away
i begin to float
tied balloons filled with my own hot air
i get a little higher
and then a little more
and i look down and there you are.

standing with your feet flat on the ground
you wave at me and you don't even care if i see it or not
you pick up your bow and pull the string taught
and there you go, lobbing those arrows high into the sky

you'll never get me
I won't allow it
you will NEVER GET ME. NO.

something connects
a pop
and i'm coming back to you faster than i can even comprehend

i swore i'd never turn into you.

im closer all the time.