"Oh man, Bobby, your tattoos look SO X-TREEEEEEM stretched out like that!"

"Dad's gonna FREAK when he finds this picture on my dresser! Turned face up, not hidden at all!"

I don't have a caption for this. This is just fucking stupid.

I don't get it. I mean, I get a LOT of stuff. I get tattoos. I get piercings. I get dressing differently. This, however... I don't get this.

They SAY it creates euphoria, that it makes you feel weightless.

Now, I've BEEN fishing. I've seen how fish react to being hooked, and the word I would use to describe it is most certainly not "euphoric" - and let me assure you, when you weigh more than, say, a medium sized dog, you'll very soon begin to understand just how weightless you AREN'T when your skin starts to split as the metal begins to tear through it. Want to feel weightless? Go sky diving. Want to be X-TREEEEEEM like the deodorant you wear? Grab a megaphone, travel to Detroit or Atlanta, and run down the street shouting racial epithets. Now THAT, my fucked up little friends, is extreme.

The only thing I can say about these people is that life is just too safe for them.