I made one dog the happiest dog of all time today.

You know how, when you go out and run or bike, there's always some dog that takes chase for a little bit and just barks and yips and such? I like to think they're saying aloud, "Oh, yeah! This time, you're mine! I'm gonna get ya, hell yeah I am!"

Well, the one who chased after me today caught me! Right in the calf! And it hurt! Which is why I'm using exclamation points! So liberally!

I've seen this particular mongrel a few times during my biking treks, so I didn't really worry too much about him today while I was riding. Then I heard a car behind me, so I swerved right to let it pass, and I guess I spooked the pooch because he just tore right into my right calf. During the process, I came off the road and ended up putting a nice bend in my rear wheel (not a cheap thing to fix or replace).

I had a talk with the owners and they assured me that he is up on all his vaccinations and such, and I assured them that I wasn't calling Animal Control or any of that nonsense. I just thought they needed to know what happened because, if I were, say, 7 years old, they'd be in jail and the dog would end up being put down. They were very very nice people, and I think they take really good care of the mutt otherwise.

The only part that really sucked was having to ride back about 7 miles on a wobbling back wheel. Oh, and the fiery pain shooting through my calf. And the fact that one of my bike shoes has blood soaked into the insides of it.

Other than that, my Sunday was grand! How was yours??