I just finished an article for a fairly well-known technology-related magazine called "Blogs: An Introduction." I spent nearly 2,800 words along with 8 screenshots and captions introducing readers of this periodical to the world of blogging, detailing the various blogging services and subjects and methods of updating and so on and so forth.

It really could be boiled down to this simple paragraph:

"This magazine you're holding lacks the tools necessary to be as interactive as is really necessary to teach you all you should know about blogging. So what I want you do to is fire up your browser, go to livejournal.com, look for any user with "luv" "sexy" "69" or "beer" in their name, then grab a wad of your own hair behind your head, shove your own face into the screen and say aloud, 'Is THIS what you want to be like? HUH? IS IT?!?'"