"Hackers" is, without a doubt, the most unintentionally funny movie of ALL TIME, especially if you have any experience whatsoever using anything that has some sort of keyboard attached to it. I insisted Lizzle check it out one day, and she wanted to update me on her progress with getting it. So now, I bring you... IM Theater (I left the timestamps in because they are intregal to the telling of this amazing tale).

[22:11] Lizzle: oooh I am getting Hackers from netflix on friday
Session Close (Joe:Lizzle): Wed Mar 30 22:11:04 2005

Session Start (Joe:Lizzle): Wed Mar 30 22:49:17 2005
[22:49] Joe: cool :)
[22:49] Joe: let me know what you think of it
[22:50] Lizzle: ... I got distracted... what were we talking about?
[22:50] Joe: xylophone music
[22:51] Lizzle: really?
[22:51] Joe: ...
[22:51] Joe: YES!
[22:51] Joe: come on
[22:51] Joe: i was only gone for a few mins... you don't remember?
[22:51] Joe: check the logs
[22:51] Lizzle: mm hmmm.
[22:52] Lizzle: I'm not logging
[22:52] Lizzle: plus I took an ambien which is making cordinating my brain hard
[22:52] Joe: ah
[22:52] Lizzle: I'm at 70% liz mental capacity
[22:53] Joe: well, you told me you ordered Basil Tasker's record
[22:53] Joe: and i told you to let me know what you think of it
[22:53] Lizzle: What?
[22:54] Lizzle: I didn't order anyone's record
[22:54] Joe: ?
[22:54] Joe: [22:11] Lizzle: oooh I am getting Basil Tasker's album this week
[22:54] Joe: [22:49] Joe: cool :)
[22:54] Joe: [22:49] Joe: let me know what you think of it
[22:55] Lizzle: I said that? I don't know who that is...
[22:56] Joe: You were telling me about him, he's apparently some xylophone player in austraila
[22:56] Lizzle: I've never heard of this guy!!
[22:57] Joe: [22:11] Lizzle: http://www.abc.net.au/arts/adlib/stories/s861606.htm

[22:58] Joe: are you serious? you don't remember this?
[22:58] Lizzle: not at ALL
[22:58] Lizzle: You are fucking with me
[22:58] Joe: ?
[22:58] Joe: no
[22:58] Joe: not at ALL
[23:00] Joe: :)
[23:01] Lizzle: well, I clearly entered a fuge state where I research and ordered Australian cripple music
[23:01] Joe: yeah, i was wondering about it myself
[23:01] Joe: :P
[23:01] Lizzle: I will stab you in the eye if you prank me on April 1