I've been thinking much lately on the prospect of buying a new vehicle, and much to my own chagrin, I've pretty much settled on an SUV. I've been browsing online at the various car shopping sites, checking out the pluses and minuses of various models, but one is sticking out in my mind - the Toyota 4Runner (limited edition). Why?

Because one is sticking out of the front of the Starbucks where I am writing.

Yep, the very same Starbucks what saw a teenage hoodlum toss a cinderblock through one of it's gigantic front-facing plate glass windows is now in need of a few more sheets of glass, because a gigantic Toyota SUV thought it was too good to use the front door.

I'm not sure of the backstory, really, but from what I could gather from the resulting insanity that followed the truck plowing backwards into the store, apparently the driver was a 15 year old a few weeks into her learner's permit, out on a driving lesson with her father. The two were here for whatever reason, and when they decided to head home, she asked if she could drive. He agreed, she hopped into the driver's seat, buckled up (I know because that's the one thing he keeps praising her on), started the car, and applied just a wee bit too much pressure on the accelerator. Luckily, the spot the vehicle was parked in was directly across from the windows looking out from the "bar" area, elsewise there would have been a conversation with the owner of this franchise a lot like "Hey, you got SUV in my Starbucks!" "No, YOU got Starbucks in my SUV!" and then the 2 would take a lick of their respective products and smile innocently, resulting in some new abominable dessert / engineering fad.

And remarkably, the vehicle has taken very little damage. It's a hearty, robust vehicle and, given my predilection for gently nudging various objects such as fire hydrants and billboards and fence posts with my car, I think the 4Runner just might do me fine.

Can't say the same for a Starbucks franchise, though. Looks like the bar area's going to be closed for repairs for a little while. Again.

On a side note, I picked the WORST DAY EVER to leave my phone at home to keep it from distracting me so I could write.

Anyway, that's my Sunday. How's yours?