And now, it's time for...

Non-Cognitive Thoughts Strung Together For No Other Reason Than To Update My Online Journal!

Or, as I like to call it, Blogging.

At some point during the day today, a persistant headache that has lasted since Friday about 2:00pm finally broke. I'm not sure what did it or why, but it's gone. Yay.

Ever notice that when you have a really bad headache / toothache / muscle ache / what-have-you, while it's going on, all you can think about is how wonderful life would be if this stupid pain would just subside? You think about how much more productive you'll be and how much your quality-of-living would improve. And then, when it's gone, all those thoughts of jubiliation and relief just somehow disappear and life goes on as it did before you experienced your pain, like it never occured in the first place. And then, later on, when you have yet another pain of that nature, all you can think about is how the last time, you squandered the opportunity to celebrate in the absence of the pain and this time - THIS TIME - you'll make darn sure to enjoy life to it's fullest once this blasted hurt goes away. And of course, it eventually does and of course, you go on with life as usual. Ever notice that? Yeah, me neither.

I am excited about The Mars Volta. Which, in some sort of Latin, means The War Time, since Mars was the god of war and Volta means "time". Interesting, huh??? I figured that out all on my own.

This band is pretty darned nifty, and I'm excited about new music for the first time in at least a few years. I even went back and listened to some At The Drive-In, since that's the band that these guys come from, and that stuff isn't too bad either. However, the other band spanwed from ATDI, Sparta, sucks pretty badly. It's not hard to see where the real talents in ATDI were, and it definitely wasn't with those Emo fags in Sparta.

Eat it, Sparta. And Emo folk, you can eat it, too. Because you both suck. And I hate you.

Um.. let's see. I've covered my daily life, I've covered the music I'm listening to - and I even added an opinion about it - And I've demeaned a sub-culture. So, what's left for me to do to successfully "blog?"

Current reading list? Okay: I'm re-reading "The Chronicles of Amber" by Roger Zelany, and I'm oh-so addicted. I also just finished George Carlin's "When Will Jesus Pass The Pork Chops?" Pretty disappointing - there were a few choice passages, but the rest was merely brain droppings.

Hmm... I guess I should also bitch about a celebrity, so Fred Durst, your penis is small.

Oh, and about the Oscars last night: I can't believe that (insert your own basic post-Oscar observance / issue / contention here)!!!!

You'll have to do it for me, because I don't watch that shit and couldn't possibly care any less about any sort of award show whatsoever (with the notable exception of the Source and Vibe awards, simply because I truly enjoy watching ultimate fighting at it's finest).

And lastly, for my blogging attempt, I have to add my mood. So:

Current Mood: Bloggy.

There, I've done it. I've blogged. Yip.