I wrote it all out
But He changed up all the words
He burned it without fire
He controls my eyes
And makes me see what He wants me to see --
Even when he's not here.
I'm blocking Him. I am.
I'm keeping Him out and away from me.
But sometimes
He's there and I can't see Him
He's here and I know why
Shattering all I've built up
All I've worked for and toward
Time and time again
I sprint forward and away
I run and I run
And I'm winning again, finally winning again
I'm ahead by a mile
And He still catches me.

He still beats me.


Joe The Peacock: *tag*
Joe The Peacock: *hide*
Sarah: oh i LOVE this game!
Sarah: *runs around to find joe*
Sarah: jooooeeee come out come out whereever you aaaarrreeee
Joe The Peacock: *still hides*
Sarah: *looks again, finds joe, runs away*
Sarah: mowhahahahh!
Sarah: i win i win i win *voice trails off*
Joe The Peacock: you didn't tag!
Joe The Peacock: hahah!
Joe The Peacock: *runs to home base*
Sarah: ah shit
Sarah: hah
Joe The Peacock: *trips*
Joe The Peacock: *skins knee*
Joe The Peacock: *breaks tooth on pavement*
Joe The Peacock: *gets hit by bus*
Joe The Peacock: *has piano fall from sky and land on corpse*
Joe The Peacock: *has squished bits picked at by crows*
Joe The Peacock: *decomposes*
Sarah: *wins!*


Interesting fact #2766617:

Chef Boyardee's "ABC's and 123's" (With meatballs, of course - pasta without bits is blasphemy), when mixed with an hour of intermediate to heavy road cycling, will spell out "FUCK YOU" on your kitchen floor if you're not careful.