It's really annoying to think that I totally blew the whole Motherboard Chronicles thing.

I know that I can't help that Dell hasn't fixed my crap yet. But I really shouldn't have posted that as a seperate part 7. I should have just left it part of part 6.

Oh well. The things you learn when you don't know what the heck you're doing...


It's called the "Eudro."

When describing it, you refer to it as "An Enduro" because there are more than one. When performing one, however, it's always "The Enduro".

An Enduro is any activity in which the participants perform feats requiring vast amounts of endurance and stupidity. The latest one found us leaving Atlanta at 8:00 pm to pick up a rental van, going and getting dinner, driving 6 hours north to North Carolina, sleeping about an hour and a half (if that, since we kept throwing random items across the room at each other), getting up at 6:00 AM, eating breakfast, snowboarding for 8 hours, eating dinner, driving south for another 6 hours, dropping everyone and the van off, and finally going to bed at 2 AM this morning.

I'm a little sleepy. But damn, that was fun.