I love the sound of new email.

That little "deet-dooooooot" that Microsoft Outlook emits whenever someone has taken the time and effort to contact me always fills me with joy and hope and love. So, when I visit my inbox to find that the warm and welcome tone indicating in words unspoken that my attention has been requested by another party and find that it's nothing more than a goofy spam message, I take it a little hard. It upsets me and very nearly ruins my day.

But not this time.

Today, I received what has to be the most random email about the most specific thing I've ever seen.


-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Smith [mailto:Dolphin-website@HotPOP.com]
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 3:31 PM
Subject: Welcome Message to Animal Forum

Hello, this is a welcome message to join our animal forum. The forum is brand new and has many different animal chats. If you are interested please register and share your thoughts at http://www.dolphinposters.biz/phpBB2/index.php, thankyou.

Warmest Regards
Michael Smith

Please note, this is a one time email, we will not send you any more mail or any attachments whatsoever.


Yes. Animal Chat.

It would be my summation that Michael, the webmaster, thought he'd jumpstart activity on his "Dolphin Forum" by purchasing a scraped email list which he then used to spread the word to a VERY general audience about a forum with a topic so incredibly specialized it defies logic.

I had to chuckle - and thus, I had to visit.

The opening graphic alone had me rolling. I share it here for your general edification:


But that's not really all there is to this place, no sir it's not. You see... this Dolphin nut has gone so far as to include chats for just about any animal you can possibly imagine - the best, by far, being BIRD CHAT.

And seeing as how my last name is Peacock...
And seeing as how he so kindly spammed... er, um... invited me to join...

I've taken command of Bird Chat.

I invite you all to visit my new home, and to join in the revelry as well.