Okay, this has got to end.

I've allowed it to go on for far too long. At first, I didn't really mind. It was really very simple and didn't draw much attention, because it was quite scarce. But lately, it's just been rampant and I cannot deal with it any longer.

I speak, of course, about internet shorthand.

No, not the simple abbreviations we've all come to know and love. I'm alright when someone LOL's over someone else who has to BRB because something's come up IRL - I'm even OK with people who are J/K, FWIW.

No, it's the english that has been butchered by lesser english which really saves no time whatsoever that drives me up the damn wall. Things like "UR" for your, "U" for you, "I C" for I see, etcetera. Just... jesus. type the fucking thing out! You're saving like 3 letters. Big deal! Don't tell me THANX at the savings of a single keystroke! Just type Thanks like a normal person! Save your dignity and my sanity!

There ought to be a rule. You have to save a minimum of five keystrokes before you can use an abbreviation. You can no longer use U K? for You Okay because you only save four. No more UR, no more IC, and for chrissake, no more K. USE OKAY! Or at the very least OK - at least that's a generally accepted use.