Gmail. It's so rad. But not for the obvious reasons.

Yeah, 1gb of storage is cool. But really, what good is it? we delete 90% of the email that comes into our inbox. After about... oh, a week, you'd realize it's just a gimmick, and you'd end up going back to hotmail or yahoo - or even worse, not even sign up at all, since yahoo and hotmail both have plans to roll out similar packages.

But, if you make it exclusive... invite only...

According to my teenage cousin, you aren't anything at all in his school (an arts school) without an @gmail.com account.

It's a way to make people stick. Keep them using it so they get more invites to get thier friends in. Make it invite only, so there's a reason to want it - and want it BAD.

It's brilliant. Simply brilliant.