Ok, I'm confused. Admittedly, it's not a difficult state in which to place me - and usually, I can battle my way out of the haze of confusion quite easily. But this... This just blows my mind.

Let's say you have a food product (a case of classic bubble-gum-flavored Extra chewing gum, perhaps). And that food product has a "Good By" date - a date which, by all rights, one is to assume that this food product is good until. And that date is written:


What the FUCK day is that?

How am I supposed to interpret this cryptic piece of data? What is it, a stardate? Is it good until the day the United Federation Of Planets launches a 5 year mission to seek out strange new worlds and boldly go, split infinitive and all, where no man has gone before? It's GUM! It's meant to be enjoyed, not pondered over!