Holy crap, it's been a long time since I've written. I'm pathetic, you know?

Well, this month should see some pretty good stuff going up on Mentally Incontinent. I not only have the ending to the Corporate Hell Tryptich, but the ending to the Motherboard Chronicles as well! That's right, there's finally a part 7 for that story, and it's not what you expect. I also have quite possibly the most embarassing story in my history going up in the next few hours - I expect that the response to this one will be utterly relentless around the office.

Oh, it's Easter, isn't it? Happy Easter to... well, no one in particular. I'm actually rather pissed - Jesus didn't come down and leave chocolate eggs and marshmallow chickens under my pillow last night.

Easter brings with it the mild distaste of having to have dinner with my family. I think i'd rather put some fake grass, olives and a goldfish into a blender and drink what comes after 2 minutes on 'puree' than have to endure the inevitable religious debate around my father's table - not to mention avoid making eye contact with certain familial elements who have somehow deemed me unworthy of thier oh-so amiable and good natured temperments.


I guess I'm a heathen.

Families are tricky things. You have to put up with them because the liklihood of getting caught when murdering a family member increases exponentially due to the fact that family members are automatically suspects in any murder. It's hard to shake off a murder wrap, especially when you actually did it, and prison is no place for my frail and tender hindside - especially right now, seeing as how I'm just now recovering from a mild case of botulism (that's food poisoning).