Apparently, I'm not very popular amongst internet-enabled vegetarians.

The denizens of this particular messageboard:


Have taken issue with my story, "The Cows... They TALK!". Now, I wasn't really concerned with the whole "We Hate Carnivores / Omnivores" aspects of it, and I don't really care if someone misinterprets a story of mine. After all, you're reading for your own benefit, and as such, you are free to assign any value you want to anything you want. However, the second I'm accused of plagarism, I tend to get a little miffed. So, I decided to reply.

And with in 2 minutes of posting, I was BANNED.

The official reason from the admin is that I "Wasn't adding anything useful to the conversation."

Now, I'm not all that bright, so PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't know that there's anything MORE useful in a conversation about a story than the author of that story's interpretation of what it was about.

I just thought i'd point out that that hippie Michael is a dork. Yeah, that's right Michael. You're a tofu-eatin' dork.