Putting together this Mentally Incontinent Monthly thing has been a blast. Even if I manage to sell zero copies, the experience of doing the cover alone was worth it. Of course, my hope is that this thing will be a massive hit; the allure of being able to read a Joe The Peacock story from the comfort of one's toilet being far too great to deny. I'd love nothing more than to call Kenney (my printer) and say "Dude - print up 22,000 copies."

Really, the experience alone has been worth every ounce of effort - it's a blast. And the stories - 2 of the finest stories I think I've ever written (one as a present for a friend - which they said is quite good, the other inspired by my recent visit to New Orleans and probably my favorite story of mine), along with "Talk about blowing an opportunity" and a guest story by none other than the writing powerhouse that is Sharky, and man - you have one heck of a cool item.

Well, except for the stories I wrote. Those are crap.