My mom joined Mentally Incontinent. She's read a few of the stories before, but now she's an official member, and has dug through all the archives.

She was none too pleased with the Alison story. Same with the Katie story. And that's understandable. I'm sure it's difficult to read about your son's previous sexual exploits, regardless of how clumbsy and humorous. However, I tried to warn her long beforehand that she'd disapprove of some of the material on the site, and I instructed her to completely dismiss any desire she may have to give me crap about any of the stuff she didn't know about.

She didn't listen very well.

So now, on top of all the dirt she already has on me, there's a whole new layer of topsoil to start planting little seeds of guilt.

Anyway, her username is 'mom'. If you see her online, say hi :)