I was asked today by someone who I only barely know, "Why do you even bother?"

She was asking this in reference to my writing.

I had to ask her for clarification, since I didn't quite know if she meant "Why do you even bother [writing, since your writing sucks]" or "Why do you even bother [writing, because no one cares anyway]?" or maybe even a possible third meaning.

It turns out she meant, "Why do you even bother writing, because you aren't making any money at it."

This turned into a gigantic discussion about the reasons people undertake certain tasks in life. I tried to explain to her that I write mainly because I genuinely enjoy hearing / watching people's reactions to what I have written. I like to see the thoughts of the day, the concerns about what to do later that evening or what bill is overdue or how on earth am I going to afford the such-and-such just drift out of their head and have those thoughts replaced by something entertaining, even if only mildly so.

She didn't get it. "If you can't make a living at it, why even bother? That doesn't make sense."

I then told her that SHE didn't make sense and that she was wasting vast amounts of valuable oxygen by existing, and if she would, could she please cease doing so immediately. She huffed and told the friend of mine she was with that I am extremely rude.

The truth is, that above reason is only half true. I mean, the entirety of the statement is 100% true, but it isn't 100% of the reason I write. The truth is, a majority of the reason why I write is because if I did not - If i didn't find some way to make some of this insanity in my life turn into a positve thing, a funny thing... Well, I might just spontaneously combust. Now, my mother raised me to have respect for people, especially the ones I do not know. And I know that there are custodial staffs in service at most public and some private venues who wouldn't very much appreciate having to clean bloody chunks of Joe off of the chandiler and draperies. I really, really don't want to do that to them.

So, I write out of respect for janitors everywhere. No one else, really. Just janitors.

Oh, and to see people laugh a little. That's part of it, too.