Radiohead puts on a great show, 2 aspects not included:

1) The people who attend the show
2) The people who attend the show

Radiohead fans rival only U2 fans in terms of pure annoyance.

My friend Liz determined long ago that Radiohead fans are the type of people who write dark poetry with black ink at night in the rain. So, naturally, after the sun went down and it began to rain on us during Radiohead's performance, we HAD to write dark poetry with black ink. The only paper we had to write on came in the form of a cardboard insert from a poncho package. Thus, we have dubbed these our "Poncho Poetry".


The Moon
Is Absent
Like my will to live.
I cry
Like the raindrops
Which fall upon this prose
And fill me
With Sadness.

Liz's (much better, in my opinion):

The sky weeps
as I turn my face up
to drink heaven's tears.
Freshwater fogs my glasses
clouding my hope,
obscuring my view.

I sob with the universe.

And yes, we write these upon request.