Ok, so I'm going to start a new thing.

A "Annoyance which has appeared periodically in the past but today has made itself so irksome that I have to give it it's own demarkation" day. So, welcome to that.

Today's AWHAPITPBTHMISITIHTGIIOD is the fact that Sarah McLauhlin's album "Solace" comes before her album "Surfacing" alphabetacally and is filed thus in MusicMatch. So, when I highlight her as the artist and just add "all tracks to playlist", it sticks that damn album squarely in the middle between "Fumbling Toward Ecstacy" and "Surfacing". As I come down from the acoustic version of "Possession" (last track on Fumbling Toward Ecstacty), i am so very rudely introduced to this god-awful pagan ritualistic lump of filth festival song which is "drawn to the rhythm" (track 1 on Solace). This just sets me ablaze. I can normally just suffer though a song I don't really like and hop back into the cool clean waters that are the other songs on an album... But not this one. I end up resenting her for the rest of the day and i just wipe all of her tracks out of my playlist in one fell swoop.

And that's sad, because I really wanted to listen to her today.

(See, this is a perfect BLOG entry - irrelevant and uninteresting, all while directly pertainent to the author's life. How wonderful the internet is.)