Jeff Buckley is my Elvis.

I simply cannot describe in words the feeling that grows within me when I think about the fact that he's not here. He's literally the greatest loss the music world has experienced since John Lennon was taken from us so very unfairly. And don't give me that shit about how Kurt Cobain was a greater loss than Buckley. Fuck Cobain. Just because Rolling Stone and MTV picked up on the Seattle grunge movement and let Nirvana be the poster childs for it doesn't make him a musical genius. If anyone from Washington deserves that tile, it's the Melvins - the band that Kurt got his influence from in the first place.

No, Jeff Buckley is sorely missed. I adore the man and every single song he wrote or performed.

So, the reason I wrote this - I don't fucking know. It's three o'clock in the morning in a city I've never been to before and I'm flying high on my twelfth cup of coffee in the past 3 hours. At this point, I can't even read the words I'm typing as they appear on the screen - everything appears like a gigantic blur because I am shaking like mad. So, pathetic as it is, you are just plain stuck reading about my adoration for a dead singer this time.

Besides, what did you expect? It IS a web journal, after all. It's GOT to suck, or else the blog police come and rip it down.