About "Alison's Starting To Happen To Me":

Well, first off, the title of the story is from a Lemonhead's song. I know that you were just ACHING to know that.

Secondly: If you live in the Atlanta area (or will be passing through) and want to see the statue in question, it's no longer at Spring & Peachtree. It's now a bit farther south, around 14th / 15th and Peachtree in front of the Alliance Theater, near the High Museum.

Third: Yes, I talked to Mandy after that night. She wasn't exactly clear that that was my way of saying "The End Is 'Neigh". And no, she knew nothing about this story, either. She tends to hear things through the grapevine, however, and I expect a phone call any day now.

Umm... That's it.