I think I am going to dedicate my life to a new goal.

I am going to petition to get the US Government to allow me - and only me - to have permission to carry a flamethrower for the sole purpose of making an example out of people who don't deserve to live.

Example - the guy who goes the wrong way down the buffet line and then looks at you as if you just peed on his leg when you try to progress - the correct way - down the row. This guy, in my opinion, deserves to die. He does not need to continue his existance on this Earth, propigating his ilk, spreading the disease that has infected him. There is a natural order to things at the buffet - you start at the plates, work through the salads to the starches, and end at the meats. You simply don't cut in front of someone in order to get your roast beef BEFORE you get your mashed potatoes, no matter how much you like it that way or how you grew up eating it. If you want your 'mashed taters' on top of your meat, simply get them seperately and, once you return to your table, place the potatoes on top of the cut of beef.
This way, you avoid colliding with the very hungry guy who has no tolerance for wrong-wayers, smashing your previously smashed potatoes into his brand new shirt and causing a little to spill on his brand new sneakers.

It's really not that hard.