If you have ever played tabletop roleplaying games, you will know what I am talking about here.

In RPG's, when you "roll up" a character, you roll dice to determine the character points you put into various attributes, i.e. strength, wisdom, charisma, etc.

Once that happens, you can select character "attributes" or "defects". Attributes, such as keen hearing or super smell, cost points because they benefit your character, while defects like "weak eyes" or "addicted to cocaine" give you more points since they add harmful qualities to your character.

There is one defect you can choose called "Weirdness Magnet" which causes all kinds of weird things to happen to a character at random times, such as a dolphin puking on the character, or bipedal cows destroying a once fantastic meal, or even a person attempting to hold up a grocery store at 4:00 am while the character is trying to buy cat food and Pantene.

I think when God rolled my character up, he took that defect.

The only thing is, I don't think he used the points he got back on attributes, because I don't seem to have any.