This morning, I stopped by Kroger to pick up some peanuts and Red Bull. On the way out, I was walking by the vending machine and noticed a 10 dollar bill. "Well," I thought, "What a super fantastic twist of fate this is for me!"

Not half a minute later whilst entering my car, I heard some kid screaming and crying to his mother about losing something.

"But that was Grandma's present to me! I was going to buy her flowers!"

"It's ok, honey, we will make up for it. It was only 10 dollars."

Bum Bum Bum...

So, what do you do in this situation?

There is a better than average chance that the 10 dollar bill you just found belongs to that little boy. On the other hand, you need to buy lunch, and that 10 spot is just the ticket.

So yeah, I went over to him and his mother and told them I found a 10 dollar bill by the vending machines, then handed the Hamilton to the kid, who beamed a huge smile.

It wasn't the one he lost.

According to his mother, he had lost it before they even got to Kroger, but she immediately thanked me for my generosity and said I was a good person, all without telling me that I should keep what had become my money.

She just accepted without balking! How rude is THAT?

Stupid kid.